Live Webinar: NetSuite Financial Planning

Watch this demo to explore how your organization can improve financial planning, budgeting and forecasting

Budgeting & Forecasting with NetSuite Financial Planning: Live Demo

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Watch this webinar on how NetSuite helps organizations improve budgeting and forecasting with the new features of NetSuite Financial Planning.
Is it time to upgrade from the troubles of time-consuming, inaccurate budgeting and planning in spreadsheets to a  cloud-based solution, dedicated to budgeting and forecasting planning?
Watch this live demo to examine how the new capabilities of NetSuite Financial Planning can improve your critical planning processes. You’ll get a guided tour of key features and find out how leading organizations use NetSuite Financial Planning to simply and accurately chart a path to larger profits and decreased costs.
Watch this demo to see how you can:
  • Improve forecasting accuracy and derive critical insights for improved decision-making.
  • Increase business intelligence with “what-if” modeling and powerful analytics with drill-down to detail.
  • Monitor and adapt the business in real time with variance analysis and reforecasting.
  • Reduce time and manual work with automatic data consolidation and completely integrated financial statements.
  • Enhance alignment and collaboration across the business with clear, simply accessible financial data.