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Aminian Business Services is the nation’s premier NetSuite Consultant and exclusively represents and supports NetSuite’s cloud-based business management application. Our team of NetSuite Certified ERP Consultants will help you select the right solution for your unique business requirements. Learn more about NetSuite’s cloud-based products and our integrated NetSuite extensions below.

The #1 Cloud ERP. Be part of the 37,000+ organizations running on NetSuite. Manage your entire business on a unified system connecting all monetary, customer, and merchandise information. LEARN MORE


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Streamline your order approval and billing processes inside NetSuite. The Automated Billing SuiteApp reduces time and resources associated with managing sales orders. LEARN MORE

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Automated Billing For NetSuite

Save time and valuable resources by automating your collections processes inside NetSuite. The Collections Suite for NetSuite reduces the man-hours associated with managing overdue invoices. LEARN MORE

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Automated Collections For NetSuite

Boost customer satisfaction and capture valuable data with an automated survey module within NetSuite. The Customer Satisfaction Survey for NetSuite greatly reduces the man-hours associated with soliciting, compiling, and tracking customer information. LEARN MORE


Customer Survey For NetSuite