Fashioning Success: Aminian and NetSuite Elevate Growing Apparel, and Accessories Brands

Fashioning Success: Aminian and NetSuite Elevate Growing Apparel and Accessories Brands

In the highly dynamic world of fashion, apparel & accessories, successful brands understand that customer experience is paramount. Delivering top-notch customer service relies on the foundation of a robust and well-structured business platform. This platform’s ability to automate critical functions can spell the difference between meeting customer expectations and losing valuable business. Furthermore, automation serves as the cornerstone of organizational efficiency, ensuring that operations can scale effectively over time and withstand sudden spikes in demand.
When it comes to implementing a comprehensive business platform, growing brands must have a trusted partner by their side. This partner should not only understand the intricacies of their industry but also possess the technological expertise necessary to seamlessly run their entire operation in the cloud. In this context, NetSuite has emerged as a transformative solution for fashion brands and apparel & accessories companies alike.
NetSuite offers a wealth of benefits to the fashion industry. Its multifaceted features encompass financial management, inventory and supply chain optimization, order and production management, and omnichannel commerce. For eyewear brands such as DITA and MVMT, NetSuite has proven to be a game-changing tool in their pursuit of growth and operational excellence.
By leveraging NetSuite, fashion companies can streamline their operations, enhance financial visibility, optimize manufacturing processes, and improve inventory management. This comprehensive solution provides companies with the tools they need to manage sales and inventory across various channels, including online, retail, and B2B, eliminating the silos that can inhibit growth.
DITA, with its over two decades of design expertise and partners at the highest levels of manufacturing, realized the transformative potential of NetSuite and Aminian Business Services. Prior to their partnership with Aminian, DITA had a growth trajectory but lacked a scalable solution to optimize financials, manufacturing, and inventory management.
This is where Aminian Business Services comes into the picture as a pivotal player in DITA’s success story. As the world’s longest standing Oracle NetSuite Partner, Aminian brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to guide companies through the implementation and optimization of NetSuite solutions. Their profound understanding of the fashion, apparel & accessories industries, coupled with their technological acumen, makes them an invaluable resource for companies like DITA, MVMT, and neurolens®.
DITA’s journey with Aminian marked a turning point. They harnessed the power of NetSuite’s cloud-based ERP platform, along with Aminian’s specialized automated inter-company sales solution, developed exclusively for NetSuite. Prior to this collaboration, DITA’s operations relied on manual efforts, which were often imprecise, for tasks such as managing inventory, fulfillment, and invoicing. This often led to accounting errors and inventory backlogs.
With the NetSuite and Aminian solution in place, DITA automated and simplified their sales processes, significantly reducing the time and effort required for management. This resulted in substantial efficiency gains, saving DITA numerous hours each week in various aspects of their business, from finance to operations, sales, and service. The time saved through automation allowed DITA to reallocate resources to enhance their customer experience. Moreover, reporting details of cross-channel sales became accessible up to ten times faster than with their previous system.
DITA’s partnership with NetSuite and Aminian not only helped them achieve their growth targets but also resolved significant IT challenges without the need to hire additional staff. This success story underscores the critical role that experienced partners like Aminian Business Services play in driving growth, operational efficiency, and enhanced customer satisfaction in the eyewear and fashion industry.
“Any company in a confused place and trying to do everything on its own—be it implementation, or selecting an ERP system—needs to talk to Aminian.”  -Andy Kim, Global IT Manager at DITA
In an ever-evolving marketplace, the partnership between fashion brands and seasoned service providers like Aminian Business Services is crucial. As the industry continues to transform, having a strategic partner with a deep understanding of the industry and the right technological solutions is pivotal for maintaining a competitive edge and exceeding customer expectations.
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