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Cloud ERP System for Enterprises- Key Considerations

Learn the key factors enterprises and their subsidiaries need to account for when planning their ERP strategy.
As enterprises continue to open factories and offices in China, India and other countries in the endless chase for low cost, high quality labor, the need for a single ERP platform to operate and monitor their growing subsidiaries has become more important than ever.
Even for companies that are already heavily invested in a corporate on-premise solution, the ability to quickly and affordably implement cloud solutions at the subsidiary level can still significantly improve their business by giving headquarters real-time visibility at a much lower cost than cumbersome, hard-to-maintain on-premise ERP deployments.
Download this White Paper to learn how comprehensive, highly customizable cloud solutions such as NetSuite OneWorld can help organizations with multiple subsidiaries achieve greater innovation and agility while simultaneously lowering costs compared to maintaining a single, large scale on-premise ERP system.
“The flexibility and simplicity inherent in cloud-based systems enable enterprises to adapt to new ways of work and attain seamless mobility with wireless devices, anytime, anywhere access, embedded analytics, and the ability to service a globally distributed organization with great ease.”

-Anand Misra, NetSuite

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