Aminian Implements NetSuite OneWorld for International Retailer

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Aminian Implements NetSuite OneWorld for International Retailer & Distributor

Aminian Begins Implementation of NetSuite OneWorld for an International B2B / B2C Retailer & Distributor with over 200 Users
As Southern California’s PREMIER NetSuite Partner, we are proud to report that we’re working on another implementation of NetSuite OneWorld. To fulfill our client’s expansive business process requirements, we created the following custom enhancements to improve efficiency and to minimize user error.
NetSuite Enhancements
Our current NetSuite OneWorld implementation incorporated the following account enhancements:
  • Automated Billing of Sales Orders: Automatically bill B2C sales orders based on customized rules leaving orders to be manually billed in the Bill Sales Order queue.
  • Sales Order Approval Automation: Automatically approve sales orders that meet a custom set of criteria leaving orders to be manually reviewed and approved in the Approve Sales Order queue.
  • Automatically Process Product Exchanges: Process product exchanges by simply clicking a button located on the Return Authorization. An identical order is created and the credit resulting from the invoice is automatically applied to the corresponding invoice.
  • On-line Counterfeit Product Form: Customers can easily report instances of counterfeit products through an integrated on-line form.
  • Automated Warehouse Selection: After a purchase in a web-store, NetSuite can automatically select the warehouse closest to the customer based on the entered shipping address. This ensures speedy delivery, better customer satisfaction and reduced cost.
  • Alternation Item Selection on Transactions: Select an alternate item within an item record to replace line items when that item is not available.
  • Print Transfer Order: Associates can now print transfer orders directly out of NetSuite.
  • Return Warning: Issue a pop-up warning when a customer service agent attempts to return an item after a set amount of time.
  • Custom Expense Report, Purchase Request, & Bill Approval Workflow: Automatically route expense reports, purchase requests, and bills for single or multi-level approvals based on customized rules.
  • Commercial Invoice EDI Automation: Create and upload commercial invoices to an FTP site for foreign shipments.
  • Automated Serial Number Tracking: Automatically import CSV files into NetSuite from a FTP site for custom serial number record creation and factory shipment.
For more information or to implement these enhancements in your NetSuite account, contact us at (888) 800-5207 or