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Research Study: Cloud-based solutions increase KPI visibility and operational effectiveness

Study from SL Associates finds tangible benefits from moving to cloud-based business systems
In a world of pervasive digitization, real-time demands and global competition, businesses of all types must run as efficiently and effectively as possible. While it may seem that organizations in different industry sectors have few things in common, even widely disparate companies have many similar operational challenges and needs.
One overarching shared requirement that all companies share is the need to measure—and improve—the effectiveness of their core operations. However, a significant portion of companies haven’t even identified the key performance indicators that are most meaningful to their operations, to say nothing of actually tracking and improving them.
Download Cloud-based Business Solutions Suite Delivers Key Performance Improvements, a study by SL Associates, to learn how switching to a cloud-based business solution helped dozens of companies across six industry sectors measure and improve their core operations.

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