How to Set Up Automated Marketing in NetSuite

Automated Marketing in NetSuite: My Options Managing marketing campaigns can be costly and labor-intensive. NetSuite makes it simple to automate common marketing processes to save time and money. With NetSuite, lead nurturing marketing campaigns can be developed to execute automatically at pre-set intervals (example: When an online form is completed or status hasn’t changed from... Read More

Aminian Automated Collections for NetSuite

Accounts Receivable: A Normal Operation Is your business sacrificing productivity and valuable resources to manage overdue invoices?  Every year, companies lose millions of dollars attempting to collect payment on delinquent amounts owed by customers. Manually managing these past-due invoices can be time-consuming and costly, requiring your business to dedicate additional personnel and resources. With Aminian... Read More

Unlock the Secret to Happy, Productive Employees

Learn how modern businesses are leveraging technology to drive employee productivity and improve overall operations In today’s world, technology has spurred productivity advances in nearly all facets of business—from hosting meetings, to customer support, to payroll. While the business-to-business supply sector has traditionally been slower to adopt such technologies compared to consumer markets, many companies... Read More
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